How to Make a Fake Student ID

If you wonder what present will be fun and entertaining for your friend, you definitely need to find out how to make a fake student id. There certain guidelines on fake identification production. It one of the most inventive ways to surprise everybody with your knowledge of technological and printing advances, as well as the ability to apply them efficiently. Your sense of humor will also be much appreciated!

The puzzle of how to make a fake id card for a prank or b-day presents is resolved

Printer is required equipment for you to realize any of your fake novelty ideas. Epson printer usually knows how to make a fake student identity card with ease and quality. Whether it is your driver license fake or student one, your best helpers in producing such cards would be Photoshop. As soon as you learn card appearance you want to attain (the width, plastic material, illustrations, etc.) these guidelines will direct you on how to make a fake student id card:

Collect the ID card samples that will serve to define the means of official identification in your particular case. Also you need to purchase Teslin paper, a laminator and probably encoder to add a magnetic stripe and make the card even more verisimilar to the original. You need to select the fake ID card materials very carefully because not every material is prepared to the way your printer proceeds. Photoshop program is known to have the widest variety of functions but you can still stay satisfied with other less expensive graphic editor options available for you. Templates implied for further edition are available to overview at any peering resources such as Torrent. The templates chosen can be easily corrected by graphic software whether it is free or not.

How to make a fake student identification card

The foremost thing in the editing process is correcting the text fields. When organizations and institutions issue official identification documents, they majorly apply Arial font from Windows operating systems but signatures might require special not basic Windows fonts as well. However, they can be still downloaded from graphic online resources and easily installed to your computer. Hair color and eyes are generally contained in specialized abbreviations. For instance, a green-eyed person with sandy hair will be identified as “eye color: GR” and “hair color: SDY”. If your fake student identity card has certain restrictions they can be as well signed in acronyms.

After that you heed to prepare signature picture files and the person’s photo. Signature is also subject to good scanning. Make sure the reverse of the card perfectly matches the state code and other notions on the frontal side. Here some more editing work comes – you will need to ensure that the background color does not look alien to the general card color. Magic Wand instrument in any image editor will serve this function for you if there are mismatches. Passport photos or other IDs of approximately the same resolution and size will do. The color contours are selected by the tool, so that you can make white out of green and vice versa. If you are not firm about the color tint fit Photoshop will also help you to pick up the very hue in Photoshop palette special tool. Cut and laminate with holograms.

After the whole procedure is done, your new fake identity card can be printed directly to the synthetic paper. Now that you learned about how to make a fake student id card, your brainstorm for presents and pranks will be over.